“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I’m a veteran CEO turned consultant/coach 9 years ago with a thriving, growing consulting firm. I heard Jon Denney on a one hour webinar and detected enough wisdom to sign up for the Legacy Coach course and plunk down $5K + travel and my time. Wow. I left after the program with a host of ideas that will make my keynotes convert more attendees into clients, as well as some powerful new products to offer and some increased rigor and effectiveness in the coaching we do. The power of sharing best practices through the PBCA is awesome. Sign up for real value.”

Robert Sher
Consultant, Author and Speaker

“Jon is a great coach with a great heart! He has a way of connecting with people and fulfill on what is important to them. I enjoyed working with Jon, his expertise and style of coaching gave me a new prospective on how to coach business owners and how to run my business, his love for people and making a difference is clear. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is committed to be successful in life.”

Amir Fathizadeh
Certified Professional Business Coach

“I have only been acquainted with Jon for a few months. Having said that, his infectious personality, positive attitude, and strong interest in helping others have made us good friends and colleagues very quickly. Jon's knowledge of business, coaching, marketing, etc. is impressive. He has helped businesses all over the Syracuse area and beyond for a number of years, and as the president of the PBCA, he also leads other professionals who are helping businesses across the US, Canada, and beyond. Over the past week, I have been with Jon and four other new coaches in Syracuse for training. Jon is a great trainer! His communications and interpersonal skills are first class. I am very happy to have this relationship with Jon and to know that if I need anything, I can call him. Thanks for the person you are and the help you have already provided. I look forward to working with you for many years!”

Ron Imbach, CPBC, MBA
President at RWI Solutions

“Jon, is a man with a huge heart for helping people. He lives an exemplary life of helping others. He is a very experienced Business Coach and an equally good trainer of coaches. I found his coaching to be practical, helpful, focussed and paced to the needs of his students. I feel privileged to be a part of the same organization as Jon.”

Jan van der Woerd, CPBC
Advisor and Coach to Business owners

“Jon provided an outstanding training experience. I was challenged, on many levels to bring out the best in myself while developing a skill set worthy of a world class professional. Thank you Jon for having a huge impact on my life and business future and for helping me to develop an even greater confidence in myself.”

Geoffrey Foster CPBC
Helping Successful Business People Make their Business Better!

“Jon, is a man with a huge heart for helping people. He lives an exemplary life of helping others. He is a very experienced Business Coach and an equally good trainer of coaches. I found his coaching to be practical, helpful, focussed and paced to the needs of his students. I feel privileged to be a part of the same organization as Jon.”

Jan van der Woerd, CPBC
Advisor and Coach to Business owners

“Jon has a love and passion for coaching that is unparalleled in the coaching world. While deferring many accolades from himself and calling others within the profession a coach's coach, Jon should also put himself in the category of being a coach's coach. Whomever has the opportunity to be coached and taught by Jon is fortunate to have one of the best coaches within the business coaching industry.”

Charles Kao
Owner, Certified Professional Business Coach at Prometheus Coaching

“Jon has been an invaluable resource to me as I have grown my Business Coaching business. He has mentored me, guided me and warned me; all to the benefit of my business. While doing this for me, he has built a great organization, The Professional Business Coaches Alliance, one I am proud to share a membership.”

Michael Mills
Certified Professional Business Coach

“Jon has a love and passion for coaching that is unparalleled in the coaching world. While deferring many accolades from himself and calling others within the profession a coach's coach, Jon should also put himself in the category of being a coach's coach. Whomever has the opportunity to be coached and taught by Jon is fortunate to have one of the best coaches within the business coaching industry.”

Davy Scheffler
Principal Advisor at Transbusiness Advisors

“Jon is a great business coach and an effective mentor to other business coaches. He has deep, first hand experience with the common issues business owner’s face and how to solve them. He is also a very skilled coach, with the keen ability to pull the best out of you. Whether you’re looking to hire Denny to take your business to the next level, or join the PBCA to strengthen your coaching practice – you can’t go wrong.”

Bobby Welch
Mortgage Growth & Performance Coaching | Executive Coach | Business Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Radio Host

“Jon is a person who possesses a level of passion and enthusiasm for helping others that is not only contagious, but it is packed with knowledge from real world experience. ...the information you are not going to get from a book or academic. He leads by example, that at the end of the day as a professional business coach or adviser success is not framed by our individual actions, but in the results business/company ownership and the company experience due to their engagement with a professional business coach. A powerful lesson in leadership. Thanks, Jon.”

Chris Steinlage
Certified Professional Business Coach | Certified Value Builder Coach | Guiding Successful Business Owners thru Change.

“Jon Denney is an exceptional blend of knowledge and passion, creating a fine level of leadership that cannot be matched. Jon’s love of coaching and his compassion for others are what set the PBCA apart from any other organization. I highly recommend Jon’s coaching, and the PBCA training to any business owner or aspiring coach.”

Lauren A. Ehrler, CPBC
Managing Partner, Strategic Advisor, Certified Professional Business Coach at Prometheus Coaching, LLC

“Ever since I got to know Jon, our business took an accelerated shift. Jon's keen business insight, deep perception of a business owner's vision and strong, result-oriented committment are the driving factors that enable him to create actionable and attainable steps that stimulate sustainable growth in businesses. When I first met Jon at the PBCA class, I was highly impressed by the structure, incredible value and wealth of information he delivers. The Alliance of coaches he has built at the PBCA is a source of support, invaluable resources and shared business knowledge that is a must for any successful business coach. Jon continuously amazes me with his wisdom, compassionate approach and clear, thorough understanding of situations. I highly recommend Jon and the PBCA for anyone who is pursuing a coaching career and for any business owner who seeks to gain control and grow their business successfully. I look forward to work with Jon for many more years to come!”

Joel Klein, CPBC
CEO at Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting

“Jon is a leader among leaders. His vision of developing the PBCA into North America's premier business coaches alliance is happening right now. He has developed an outstanding, world class training program that drives experienced business professionals to create their own coaching business. Jon has seen it and done it all and is transparent in sharing his successes and learning opportunities. I follow Jon's teaching and lessons very closely because they just work! If you are serious about becoming a business coach or a more successful business owner, then you owe it to yourself to contact/follow Jon Denney.”

Robert Knowles, Jr.
Professional Business Coach

“If you are a small business owner “Unstuck” Jon's new book is a must read. Having owned two successful businesses myself, Jon is spot on with his analysis of business issues that business owners face every day and the strategies that he recommends to solve them. Any business owner that is “STUCK” in their business should take the time and read his book. It is a great learning and coaching tool”

Michael Schaul
President | General Manager | Business Coach | Business Advisor

“Jon Denney is a rare combination of practical experience, great knowledge, incredible passion... and a generous spirit. You need only to talk to him briefly to know that he truly loves helping his clients and he truly loves training and developing business coaches. If you are thinking about becoming a business coach, or finally pursuing formal coaching certification, you need to talk to Jon Denney before you commit to any other path. His vision for the PBCA and for your practice will blow you away!”

Steve South
Business Consulting | Reverse Logistics

“Jon, and the PBCA, are irreplaceable assets to me and my company. In addition to the wonderful breadth of tools available through the PBCA, Jon and the team he has assembled continuously encourage and challenge me and Eagles Wings to new heights.”

Joe McCullum
Coach, mentor, and leader - closing the vision gap, moving past circumstances to revitalize and exceed the dream.

“Jon is a very knowledgeable business owner who shares what has worked for him as a professional business coach. He shows you how to connect with a possible client from being curious, in the moment, and asking questions. Jon provides a friendly environment in which to practice coaching and provides constructive feedback on how to improve your skills.”

Steven Beaman
Certified Biz Coach/Advisor | Helps Business Owners to Get a Clear Vision and SOAR above the crowd!

"I was fortunate to participate in a training run by Jon at the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. The Legacy Coach Orientation program was a powerhouse of training, all presented by Jon. The enthusiasm and energy with which he infused the training was infectious! The knowledge base and experience that Jon has, and is so willing to share with his coaches is a demonstration of his generosity of spirit and commitment to enhancing the business coaching profession with a high standard of ethics and caring. Bravo Jon, on an amazing body of work!"

Megan O'Donnell Patton
Business Strategist, Certified Professional Business Coach, and Managing Partner at ODA Strategy

"Having recently completed the coaching certification program at the PBCA, I can say without any reservation that the training exceeded my expectations! I feel privileged to now be a member of the PBCA, and to have had the opportunity to be trained by Jon. It was an excellent experience overall and Jon instilled confidence in my ability to successfully launch my business coaching career. Not only was the course material and approach very effective, but I departed knowing that Jon was a great instructor, mentor and now a good friend!"

Elio Cozzi
Certified Professional Business Coach, Consultant and Corporate Director

"Jon changed my life! The PBCA is an amazing organization with all the tools you will ever need to run a successful Certified Professional Business Coaching Practice. He is THE Coach’s Coach who will prepare you to be the best coach you can be! The best way to describe Jon/PBCA as a Coach and a Coach’s Coach: “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks, and clarify their values.” – Fortune magazine

Dennis Bonagura
Certified Professional Business Coach, Advisor and Mentor helping business owners & executives maximize their potential

“I was introduced to Jon from a very trusted referral source. I had been working with other businesses and trying to help them succeed but honestly felt I did not have a great system. After speaking to Jon Denney for literally 8 minutes I knew this was a guy who could really help me become a Coach with a strategic plan. I committed to the training. Jon has an amazing gift to really listen to you and then speak to the heart of the matter. All great traits to have in Coaching. I attended the PBCA training for 1 week and was told I would leave with the tools needed to really be an organized coach. Boy he wasn't kidding! It has been 2 weeks since the training ended and I still am blown away by the transformation. To sit in training for 10 hr days it takes a special instructor to keep the attention of students. Jon has it. If you want to take your coaching to the next level just do it!”

Scott Kelley, CPBC
President & Business Coach at The Business Collaborative Inc.

“Jon Denney cares about business and business coaching. He's passionate and engaging in both teaching his business coaching fundamentals and client business coaching. I achieved my certified professional business coaching certificate through Jon and the PBCA, and I can say it was awesome. If you plan to do this for yourself or your business get with Jon immediately. It will be worth the time and investment.”

Michael McDonagh
President & CEO at BENCHMARK Management Services, Inc.

“Jon is that rare individual who not has a great passion for assisting people but also possesses the business knowledge and communication skills to efficiently expedite someone's improvement efforts. He is one of the most knowledgeable, personable and caring professionals you could ever be blessed to work with.”

Jim Publicover
Business Consultant and Licensed Professional Business Coach

“I have had the opportunity to meet, work with and observe Jon Denny in three distinct capacities: business coach, public speaker and owner of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance or PBCA. Jon is an extremely dedicated coach who guided me through the process of changing careers and becoming a certified professional business coach myself. He is patient, knowledgeable, helpful, has a great sense of humor and is very supportive, a coach in the truest sense of the word. Jon has a way of bringing out the best in people and helping them not only face their own challenges but deal with them. If you feel stuck and need someone to bounce ideas off of, Jon is a great person to speak with. He knows business inside and out, has a solid understanding of problems a business owner may encounter and how to deal with them. As a public speaker, Jon is dynamic, well prepared and interesting. He keeps the presentation moving and inserts humor to illustrate points. He has an engaging style that is easy to understand and is very personable while being able to present on a wide range of business-related topics. In his capacity as the president of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, Jon is a forward-looking, thoughtful, and generous leader. He is actively involved in growing and improving the PBCA on a continuous basis. Jon puts his heart and soul into the coaching certification program, updating educational materials and helping members in their business pursuits. In addition, Jon truly likes interacting with people and making new friends along the way. He is a great person to know and work with. If you are considering a business coach or an organization that provides coaching certification, continuing education and the possibility to build great relationships with a fabulous team of people, I would recommend having a conversation with Jon.”

Heike Heemann
Business Coach & Advisor | Executive & Leadership Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | Connector

“Jon's infectious enthusiasm, backed by his highly professional approach to everything he does, is energizing for all those who come into contact with him. Add to that the full range of well honed coaching skills, it is no surprise that Jon is held in such high regard across the Coaching profession”

Philip Ashcroft
Board Advisor and Business Coach

“Jon's enthusiasm and expertise drives the Professional Business Coaches Alliance with dedication to excellence and a culture of giving back. He is constantly searching to do things better and make the members of this association more effective in their business. Jon is a joy to work with and a wonderful person to know.”

Mike Sobus
I work with Business Owners who have things going on in their business that give them grief

“John is one of the top 5 Business Coaches I know. He has the rare ability to figure out correct solutions to very complex business issues very quickly and then he patiently takes his clients to the same conclusion through masterful questioning techniques. What's more, he teaches these skills, and lot more, to all new coaches at PBCA. If I were an aspiring Business Coach, there would be absolutely no doubt on my mind that Jon's Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) is the best organization to join.”

Paul Hajek
President at Synergy Business Development, LLC

“Jon is one of the most thoughtful, humble and selfless people I know. He is a peerless communicator who masterfully conveys solutions to core business problems. It is a joy to work with this knowledgeable and effective business coach and owner. I take every opportunity that I can to work with him; I recommend that all business owners do the same.”

Marty Warner
Owner at MartyWarner.com and PracticeManagementCoach.com

“Jon has brought new energy to the PBCA. It is the same energy that he had as a coach. I remember thinking about that when he was a coach and am thrilled that Jon became the new owner. Jon introduced us the the GAP Analysis last year and I have made it one of the cornerstones of my coaching practice. Good job Jon, I look forward to many more years of your leadership.”

Glenn Burkey
Business Coach | Contractor Coach

“I highly recommend both Jon Denney and the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA). Jon is the President of the PBCA, a former rookie of the year as a coach himself, and a long-time business owner . Because of his vast business experience as well as an exemplary coach himself, Jon offers business coach training through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance that is second to none. Jon encourages us to grow as business coaches and leaders, and keeps giving better, top-notch training as we grow our own business coaching practices. The Professional Business Coaches Alliance is a truly unique organization that is lead by business coaches and trains business coaches. The PBCA upholds the highest standards for business coaching, ensuring all potential business coaches have many years of business ownership and/or leadership experience, and aren't just learning themselves. The PBCA also offers an amazing culture of encouragement, leadership, cooperation, and lifelong learning. I regard Jon Denney as a true leader, a mentor, a highly skilled trainer, and an amazing business and executive coach. It is my honor to give Jon Denney and the Professional Business Coaches Alliance the highest recommendation!”

Cindy Piva
Award-winning Business Coach

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jon ever since joining the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. Jon is a great coach in his own right and his passion for the work of coaching and for his clients comes through in everything he does as President of the PBCA. Jon is not one to stand still, he continually strives to move the needle in a positive direction, and innovates at all times to take the value of the PBCA forward. Frankly, I cannot imagine how Jon could be better as the leader of this alliance. As a business coach he has taught me a great many things, but my favorite lesson was one that I remind myself of daily. "Your clients expect you to be the coach, so BE THE COACH!" That simple reminder has helped me to become a better coach and to scale many new heights as I've grown my practice. Suffice it to say that Jon is the type of person you can count on, a man of high character, who strives to do his best in all situations. I have learned much from him, and will continue to learn much from him over the coming years. If you have a chance to align yourself with Jon Denney, for heaven's sakes, do it! You will never regret working with Jon, he's the best!”

Michael Beach
CEO, Professional Business Coach