Jon Denney has started four different businesses since 1996. All four have been multi-million dollar, profitable ventures. Jon has led the expansion of one company into five different cities while growing that business from a staff of three to a staff of 87 full-time team members.

Jon has had first hand experience in:

  • Starting Companies
  • Expanding Businesses
  • Selling Businesses
  • Buying a Competitor
  • Developing Strong Leadership Teams
  • Purchasing Commercial Real Estate
  • Advertising / Marketing / Branding
  • Creating Sales Models / Sales Management
  • Developing Strong Corporate Cultures
  • Building Succession Plans
  • Creating Systems (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Systems Implementation

Through smart, proven business fundamentals, a high code of ethics, drive, and determination and with the guidance of great business coaches along the way, Jon has been able to lead his companies from planning, to implementation, to the realization of profits and value.

Most importantly, Jon didn’t have to (and frankly, couldn’t have) done it alone! He is experienced in leadership development and has had a hand in developing several incredibly effective business leaders over the past 13 years.

Oh, and Jon’s made some whopper mistakes along the way, too! The mistakes Jon has made have cost him plenty! But he’ll share them with you for no extra charge!

Jon Denney is passionate about what he does and even invests himself emotionally in the success of his clients. It’s as easy for him to give you a hug as it is for him to give you a kick! Fortunately, he knows when to do what!

A Message From Jon:

Business coaching works. It does. But I know first-hand how precious time, effort and resources are to business owners. I understand that in making a decision, there’s always concern about whether or not there’ll be a return on investment.

You have nothing to lose by meeting for a couple hours for free. If after that meeting, you’re not ready to move forward together; no problem! No hard feelings. We’ll part as friends and I promise to spare you the “pressure sale.” That’s not my style!

If you decide to hire me as your personal business coach, I’ll give you my very best efforts all the time. If after working together for a full month you decide that you made a bad decision in hiring me; no problem! We’ll part friends and I’ll give you all your money back; every single penny.

If you need some help or want some guidance, now’s the time to call me. Really, you have nothing to lose. Let’s get together for a couple hours. Even if we don’t end up doing business together, you’ll still leave our initial meeting with some action steps that will move you closer to your specific business challenges. It will be time well-spent, regardless.

Now I’ll be your coach: “Since you can’t decide on this until you know more, and since there’s absolutely no cost to you for checking it out, call now! Why wait? Take action! I’m looking forward to meeting you and seeing if there’s a fit!”

Jon Denney is a Licensed, Professional Business Coach and is accredited through the Professional Business Coaches Alliance.